Italmatichas received   great recognition in the  world as one of the  leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for both the tyre retreading industry and the tyre distribution trade.  Our factories in Milan and Pisa in Italy manufactures a complete turn-key line of tyre retreading equipment and accessories for both hot and cold systems and are fully equipped with advance production lines as well as the latest in computer designing.


Italmaticranks among the largest European producers and distributors of automotive accessories including balancing weights,patches, tubeless valves and other tools. Italmatic machines can be found at many leading retreaders throughout the world,whilst the company’sbrand of accessories for retreading and tyre shops are widely used in most part  of the world.


            Our range of balancing weights,tubeless valves, tyre paste and  patches are used on OEM equipment for new cars and in large tyre dealer networks.


            Italmatic is a diverse industrial company and the company’s operations expand beyond these two areas.   Other divisions of Italmatic include the production of equipment for  roll covering as well as the production of rubberized rolls for the paper, and metal industries.  Italmatic is also a leading producer  of autoclaves for the applications in the plastics, glass, hose and composite sectors


            Since over 20 years we produce AUTOCLAVES FOR COMPOSITE MATERIAL TREATMENT and, more in general, also for other fields, like Industries for flat and curved laminated glass bonding, impregnation, marble, etc.


            The fields of application involving us mainly are the AERONAUTIC AND AEROSPACE field, the MILITARY, NAVAL, SPORT, sector etc.


Our most recent major investment has been a diversification into the industrial tyre market.  As a result of the company recently launched a range of  solid industrial tyres under the brand COMFORT.


            Unlike most other retreading equipment suppliers Italmatic has long had a network of offices located throughout the world.  With offices in the USA,the UK and Singapore as well as in Italy, we are well positioned to service customers throughout Asia, North America and Europe with full technological, training  and marketing support.


            Italmatic Asiawas established in Singapore in 1984 to service the retreading industry and tyre dealers in East Asia. Under the leadership of  company founder Lily Yeo, our company has provided retreaders in East Asia.  With service sales support for almost twenty years.  During this time Italmatic has supplied equipment and provided training and technological transfer to more than 200 retread factories in East Asia. 


Today, our activities in Asia are backed up by extensive network of agents servicing factories and tyre shops throughout the region.


Our commercial and technical organization is recognized worldwide and we provide all our customers with machines that are of the highest quality standard.  In 2007, training center in China (Jinan) was established  for continuous assistance in technical know-how and to ensure that the equipment supplied by us work efficiently at all times.


Italmaticis committed to servicing the tyre retreading industry and automotive market with the best quality products and service.  Customers are welcome to contact us for any inquiry on tyre retreading and automotive needs.  Furthermore , for customers in Asia interested in joining our International network of agents and distributors,  our office in Singapore will gladly support with both service and products.


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